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HUAIDER CARE CENTER, established in 2021 by our founders, Stacy and Zoe. We are inspired by our very own past experienced. The feeling of helplessness and loss is what the majority of family members will face when the catastrophic event occurs. It is beyond control and we wish to be the one who will be there to support and help.

Our center is located at Silk Sky Balakong. Located strategically close to two major hospitals - Serdang Hospital and Kajang Hospital.

We aim to provide a complete eldercare and nursing services for those who require constant care and supervision. HUAIDER CARE CENTER is not just a care-giving facility but a home sweet home for the aged community.


Unlike others, we create a second home with a lovely and warm environment for our patients, they will have the same feeling of being at home instead of a cold hospital. Our professional team members are working round the clock to help our patient to relief discomfort, providing psycho-social support and helping them with day-to-day activities.


We concern about the physical well-being of our patients as well as their mental well-being. Needless to say, here at HUAIDER is the ideal place to recuperate, a perfect choice for elders.

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